Thanks for taking a look at the d-hive blog. I am excited about the possibilities that come with sharing my thoughts and insights into teaching and learning. When thinking about this journey this picture sort of sums up what I hope to do with education. Set the stage for discovery and connection-making, in a safe, nurturing, and exciting atmosphere. DSC03624.jpg

I was fortunate to grow up making and doing and for the last twenty years I have looked for ways to share the same types of experiences to my students, and my own children, while not forgetting to continue to seek these experiences out for myself as well.  I’m ready to jump into the new experience of this blog, thanks for joining me.

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Creating Physical D-HIVE Cells

I work in the Center For Teaching Excellence at The American School Foundation. The CTE is unique on a K-12 school campus in that we have a physical space as well as full-time staff dedicated to professional learning. My position in the CTE is that of a digital literacy coach. I am charged with finding … Continue reading Creating Physical D-HIVE Cells

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